Message from the Chairman


Dear friends,

Today is the third anniversary of the establishment of World Future Foundation (“WFF”). Three years ago, an insightful group of which I was a part established this international philanthropic organization, with the goal to resolve environmental problems and facilitate sustainable development through by integrating the ideals of philanthropy and power of wealth and technical means to meet these challenges.

I am very pleased to see that WFF has grown so quickly in this three years development. We have built a professional environment and governance structure for the foundation, and established a strategic cooperative relationship with the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technical University, creating two academic programs the “PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research” and the “Vertical City Asia International Design Competition” which has been acknowledged by academic institutes and students as a respected program to advance study in these areas.

During the past three years, the philanthropic sector in Singapore has developed rapidly, further becoming a “Regional Philanthropy Hub”. Environment and sustainability concerns are a global challenge and are increasingly drawing on innovation and talent the world over to meet this challenge.

Our Management Board recently discussed and approved the “WFF Development Strategic Guideline”, building off a deliberation and consideration of our internal objectives and related programs in the field, to clarify our development direction for the next three years and leverage partnerships to enhance our united objectives with other institutions.

Through this process we focused our mission “To develop advanced technology and promote environmental protection and sustainability research in Singapore by integrating the powers of a global Chinese entrepreneurs based on a shared spirit of public service”. On one hand, this mission emphasizes the inclusiveness of the foundation – no limitation by region, to absorb the wealth, intelligence and talent available and direct these resources to accomplish great tasks; on the other hand, it provides a center and geographic focus for the Foundation by establishing a foothold in Singapore to convene and bring the new Chinese immigrants together to contribute both locally and globally.

We have also established our core values, i.e. “Forward-looking, Focused, and Professional”. “Forward-looking” to address cutting-edge issues with a vision of the future from our origin as a Foundation to project selection. “Focused” to be committed to advance research of environmental protection and sustainability. And to do so in a “Professional” manner with a clear governance structure, management team, and throughout the selection, supervision and assessment of our programs. Our Values provide the standard to measure right and wrong, and is the basis of our judgment. Our Values will help us navigate the development of our enterprise. Only in practice over time will we be able to demonstrate these values and win the future.

It is with these values that I seek to guide the foundation to its strategic goal “To be a foundation with the most powerful influence in the field of environmental protection and sustainability development in Singapore”. With a new beginning with a brief history, we may not have allocated the greatest amount of funds, but as we continue our work we will pursue and strive to be the most respected foundation with the focus of environmental and sustainability programs in Singapore. Rather than a one stop shop department store, we will tailor our programs to our mission and values to attract the partners with our focused and shared mission. This has been my proposal from the beginning and my guiding philosophy since the establishment of WFF.

Since the launching of our WFF official website on March 31, 2010, we are increasing our visitors, the time they spend and the geographic region they are from month by month. This website is not only a source of information, helping people learn more about us and share our vision of philanthropy; but it is also a source of power and connection, inspiring the enthusiasm of more and more organizations and individuals to get involved, and contribute to the power and promise of environmental and sustainability research and development.

Looking to the future, my wish is that WFF advances along this defined path with the stability, support and participation of our friends and partners.

Sincerely, Feng Lun Chairman of the Board August 26th,2011